It's Time to join the best in the industry

Tender Brokering

As cannabis becomes more popular within the legal system you need reliable representation that will assist you in navigating these uncharted waters.

Wholesale & Distribution

We are encouraging the expansion of the industry by giving new businesses a step up from their competition with the huge variety of merchandise we bring to the table.

Our Stores

Having a retail outlet that is cannabis orientated has already been a long journey of its own and we proudly represent our stores and local areas they are situated in.

Corporate Wellness

We host Corporate wellness events on varies aspects of a persons life and enable them with advice and skills to manage and control those aspects in progressive ways

Why Canna Trade Africa

We are unprecedented in the industry in regards to merchandise variety, connections, and customer experience.

What You Get

You will receive our undivided attention until the completion of your project.

Our Reviews